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DIY Cardigan or Jacket From Old Shirt Perfect For Your Sleeveless Dress

Who would have thought that there's so much more you could do with the old shirt you've been tossing around.

I personally love cardigans, it has this magic to transform a boring dress into something fun and modest.

If you have sleeveless dress, throw some cardigan on top of it, some nice belt, fashion statement necklace and there you go.

But what I don't like is that sometimes cardigans look so common, and plain. If that's the case, I usually add brooch and you know those necklace that sometimes looks like collar. Oh I love those.

Today, I saw something that could transform an old shirt, this is really cheap to make. And you can experiment tons to make it look classy.

So here's the DIY video:

These tutorials really look perfect, I will do some modification to have that girly look perfect for my sleeveless dresses. So watch out for my follow up post on this.