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Geri Halliwell Got Married and Here Are Her Little Bit of Something on Her Wedding Day!

The former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell married Christian Horner in this beautiful couture gown.


The following are pictures from her wedding.


 Geri with Emma (former Spice Girl). While it was only Emma (Spice Girl friends) who made it to her wedding. The other girls did wish her well on this special day and Victoria sent her a special dress from her collection and an enormous flower arrangement.

With her daughter...

Something blue...

 Something new...

Something borrowed...
 Something old...
Finally the newly wed! Mr. and Mrs. Horner!!!!

Photo courtesy from Mirror.co.uk 

Collection of Best Dresses Made With Fresh Flowers

Inspired by the collection of Ralph and Russo Spring 2015 Collection. We decided to look for dresses made with real fresh flowers. The dresses below may have not lasted that long, but we think it is worth experiencing a freshly made dress. It might have saved these girls their favorite perfume. So here they are:

Every girl has her own dream wedding dress.  Jill from Love and Embers came up with this very unique dress made of flowers. 


Below is a dress designed by Alexander Mcqueen in 2007. At the runway, some of the flowers fell  off leaving a trail of flowers behind.

In China, a guy had this dress specially made for his girlfriend. It was made of 9,999 roses. After she put on the gown, he proposed to her. 

Would You Wear These Unique Dresses

Who doesn't like to stand out and be remembered. Our unique qualities, is what makes people remember us. Our unique traits, qualities, or even possessions could bring us to the spotlight and hall of fame.

The following are some of the dresses that you wouldn't believe a person could wear. Some may be modest, and some may need a little bit more to cover your body. But plenty enough to share and fill our tummies.

Wedding Dress Cake-  This bride from Ukraine chose to wear a cake dress on her wedding day. Lukka Sigurdardottir the is designer who made this dress/cake. 

Brides Maid Dress- If you don't look closely, you might consider this dress a typical dress but it was actually made from cheese. 

Designer Chocolate Dress- This dress was designed by Lauren Smith on Oct. 2013.  It took her 2 weeks to make and cost 50 kg of chocolate. While there were so many chocolate made dresses that followed. 

We don't know how long it took to consume and eat these dresses. But for the finalle, my best pick is for the Most Unique Dress is the:

Peacock Wedding Dress- It was made of 2,009 peacock feathers and costs $1.5 million. Designed by Vera Wang.