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6 Ways To Break-Proof Your Nails

Are you having problems with nails chipping every time? Try this simple tips to minimize nail chipping.

1. Moisturize-you might think that moisturizing your hand only benefits the skin. The reason for nail breaking is because of dryness. Keeping your hands hydrated also benefits the nails. There are also some cuticle oil that you can purchase from your local pharmacy that is good  for your nails, or you may use some argan oil, or castor oil and simply rub it on at night before you go to bed.

2. Don't use metal file for your nail.  Metal file is too coarse and hard for your nail. Choose nail file that have soft grit.
3. Use strengthening base coat before you apply your nail polish. Base coat usually have protein and calcium that helps keep your nails hard. 

4. Keep nails short while strengthening them. If your nails are chipping, grow and strengthen them first, keep them short for the moment. Short nails chip less than if you have longer nails.

5. Don't use your nails as tools. You read it right. Some of use likes to use our nails to open boxes, scrape gunk off our our furniture, or dishes. This causes nails to bend which eventually weakens it and lead to breaking.

6. Use gloves when washing dishes. Cleaning chemicals, like detergents or dish-washing soaps can strip off the natural oil on our nails, which causes dryness and chipping. Some scouring pads and abrasives can also damage or scratch our nails. Using gloves will not only protect our nails, our hands will also thank you for it.

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