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DIY Face Mask For Blemish Free And Younger Looking Skin

Right now there are so many products that claim blemish free and younger looking skin. But do you know that in as much as there are lots of beauty products on the shelves of pharmacy and beauty isles in the supermarket, there are many items in your pantry that could nourish and maintain a beautiful skin.

This recipe is proven to remove blemishes and help maintain a wrinkle free and younger looking skin.
It is highly recommended that you prepare this beauty mask good for one application only. Juice from fresh fruits or vegetables contains many vitamins like c and e which helps nourish and regenerate the skin. However to maximize its benefit it is better to use it right away and refrain from storing it too long in the fridge as it can cause oxidation.

Ingredients (good for 1-2 application):

juice of half a lemon
3 tbsp of condensed milk


1. Wash face with your facial cleanser and warm water.
2. Pat the face dry to prepare for your beauty mask application
3. Mix the juice of lemon and condensed milk and apply on face. Keep it for at least 15 minutes or more. Then wash your face.

Lemon juice is known for its bleaching properties. It is rich in vitamin c and e which is good for the skin. The condensed milk on the other hand has moisturizing and cleansing benefit. The natural lactic acid from the milk helps clean the face naturally and helps control acne and black heads.

If you feel any stinging sensation or it seems that you are allergic to the ingredients simply wash your face.

This facial mask can also be used on dark areas like knees, elbows or underarm.

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